Tuesday 03 Mar 2015
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Design Specs Workbook is a collection of apparel industry most commonly used forms for samples making, fitting, production and costing.
TexMapper is an user friendly texture mapping design software program. An ideal visualization, E-merchandising and collaboration tool for any surface industry.
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200 warps and wefts (400 stripes) design templates for instant design use. Just 2 clicks away to change color, size or construction settings
200 technically correct weave patterns input and edited by a professional weaver. Weave pattern can also be edited, changed and added to the existing ones
User defined construction settings
40,400 design combinations with unlimited construction settings.


How does it work?

  1. Install MEGA Plaids & Weaves, Start Fashion Toolbox program and click on (Plaids and Stripes Mode)
  2. Click on and double click on 'Programs/FashionToolbox' folder, then double click on MEGA_PLAIDS folder
  3. You'll see a list of 200 plaids design files (.WVE), select the file you like and click OK.
  4. Click on if you wish to see the design in REPEAT.
  5. Click on if you want to try different weaves, fill in your own colors or Click on to change the construction settings.
  6. You can then pasted your design on the drawing area and use the color combo tool to toss colors around and placed selected color combos for presentation.
  7. You can also fill your designs in a sketch like this.